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Junior Nationals

Last weekend see me head to Packington Sommers for the Angling Trust Junior Nationals, we would be spread across Moody Molands, Siblings A and Siblings B.

It's not a venue I've seen or heard much about so was hoping to find info out during practice, aswell as local anglers sharing info. During practice the fishing was very difficult on all lakes but as a team we managed to suss a few things out, also Mick Vials and Rikki Richards helped me out massively with about my peg.

I'd drawn on Moody Molands and the team plan was to chuck over with a bomb and bread then change to a small hybrid with micros, sadly that never worked so it was time to try and fish the pole, however the wind was really bad making presentation difficult. I'd used a Mick Nolan carbon slim for both long and short and sat lovely sadly but the wind was a pain to hold the pole so I focused on my margins and short pole with maggots and sonubaits F1 dark groundbait.

At one point I was dead last in my section and was panicing as I'd not had a bite for the first hour and half, luckily I've managed to plod away and catch the odd roach, small skimmer and F1 to slowly claw my way back up the section.

When the scales come round I've ended up weighing 8.525kgs which was enough for 2nd in my section, so I was really happy with that from what I'd been told about my peg.

Obviously with everything that's happened this year there wasn't going to be a presentation and we had to leave site and head home as the results would be posted on Facebook.

There was 1 or 2 issues with the results which eventually got sorted, fair play to the angling trust as it cant be easy running such big events, the results was in and it was confirmed we had defended our title and we was crowned 2020 Junior National team champions again🏆🏆🥇🥇

Massive thanks to Mick Nolan your floats are absolutely brillant, big thanks to Sonubaits for all there support, also thanks to Ultimate Direct for all the fresh maggots, caster and worms I needed for the 3 days.👏👏

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